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At engineering firm Berkelaar Meet- en Regeltechniek (measurement and control technology) we provide R&D / product development / production from a single prototype to small production series. This varies from custom small electronic products to complete machines, where our and external mechanical and electrical systems are integrated with software. We would like to take challenging and diverse projects to increase our technological knowledge, to be able to serve a broad market.

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IDT / TRI / CEAL | nov 2013 - current

In the new payload, Driverlab, the driving capabilities of mainly elderly people are being tested. The DriverLab consists of an Audi A3 on top of a turntable in a dome on a hexapod motion base. To make it more challenging, a glare simulator is incorporated in the design.

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Reactor Instituut Delft | nov 2013 - jul 1014

For the TU Delft we built a custom system cabinet to control a.o. 7 stepper motors with incremental encoders. The motors and sensors are controlled by LabVIEW and made accessible to the end users through a self developed user interface.

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Devergy | okt 2012 -

Prepaid electricity. Sounds strange in the Netherlands, but not in Tanzania. For Devergy we make this possible. Villages without electricity are connected via solar powered micro grids.

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