KiteSim / InnoSportNL / Frank & Frens | jan-mrt 2015

Control and Simulation of a realistic Kitesurf simulator for training purposes.

The purpose of KiteSim is to develop a realistic kitesurf-simulator that allows beginners to learn in a safe and fun environment. And allows top kitesurfers to practise even if the weather won't allow it.

After the prototype we updated the control system and moved the system to a system cabinet. The KiteSim frame is redesigned to be as stiff as possible. The Kitesim is ready for the HISWA 2015.

The control system makes the force feedback on the powerline possible and the input of the steering lines is used for the simulation- and visualisation software.

One of the challenges in the project is the safe use of the kitesim. To this end, line tensioners prevent entanglement of the lines. The mechanical and electrical safety features reduce the maximum pull on the powerline, since the system can pull up to 900N on the power line. The system is designed with as much as possible standard components. Only the suspension, measurement and control system and associated software are tailor made for this project.

Because a relatively small servo motor is used in combination with a reducing gearbox, it is necessary to measure the force on the output shaft and linking this in a closed-loop system back into the control of the motor. This is one of the control systems which is integrated on the printed circuit board developed for this project.